Matt Callanan

Title of talk: Tenner4Good: When a secret mission gets out of control.


Hello you lovely person.
I’m Matt Callanan.
I’m a former musician and worldwide DJ.
I’m now a filmmaker and encourager of Good.
I try to inspire people to be kind to others.
That project is called We Make Good Happen.
Aim: “Sparking the joy of human kindness”
I’m on a personal mission to achieve 403 Good Deeds.
I also want to encourage people to collectively achieve 1 Million acts of kindness.
Easy, right.



Thomas Guest

Title of talk: Life:A User’s Manual

Thomas Guest

Thomas Guest makes things with maths and words



Huw Davies

Title of talk: Babies are hard


My name is Huw Davies. I am a Devonian who found himself in Swansea in 2003 having applied to Universities from a beach basing my selections on which University was closest to a beach. I then spent 4 years not going to the beach, met a wonderful woman and spent the next 10 years on the beach making up for lost time which takes me to today.
I work in the 3rd sector on projects that seek to promote the basic rights of individuals, but that is not what I am here to talk about tonight.  I am keen on being outdoors, spending time with my family, a keen starter of hobbies and someone who wishes they had more time to spend doing interesting things.



Dr. Jack M. James

Title of talk: Aquaculture


Jack James graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Marine Biology in 2003 and followed that with a PhD gained in 2009, again from Swansea and focussing on protein replacement in fish feeds. Periods of employment followed in television production in Cardiff, as an eel farm manager in Madagascar, and as a research assistant again at Swansea University. In 2011 he moved on to Malta to head up the development and running of an R&D unit at an aquaculture consultancy, before returning to Wales in late 2013 and setting up as a consultant (Pontus Aqua) and then forming Pontus Research in November 2014. Since that time the company has grown to employ 7 staff members, and now services a growing global industry, providing professional R&D services to aquaculture feed, ingredient and additive manufacturers from as far afield as the USA.


Twitter: @pontusgroup

Facebook: PontusAqua

LinkdIn: JackMJames




Mikaela Toczek

Title of talk: Girls Discover


Mikaela is an outdoor instructor, educator and photographer passionate about inspiring everyone to spend more time outside!  She has just launched Girls Discover, a community for sharing awesome girl-powered adventures and is on a mission to celebrate, share and develop participation for girls in outdoor and adventurous activities.


Twitter: @MToczek

Instagram: @mikaelatoczek




Ernie Sparkles

Title of talk: Fabulousness


Ernie Sparkles is a high energy, sparkling glitter queer performer with many ridiculous strings to his absurd bow. With an eccentric mix of drag, genderfuck, clown and comedy, Ernie creates a bizzarely fabulous and unforgettable experience. He has performed in a range of genres including musical theatre, acapella, circus, cabaret, boylesque, and character comedy.

Gareth on the other hand is a miserable bastard! An ex set designer, ex primary teacher, ex partner, currently mid fabulous existential crisis. Who, What, How is fabulous? Define it.. I dare you to try!



Twitter: @ernie_sparkles

Instagram: @erniesparkles




Joe Pereira

Title of talk: Be More Circus


Joe’s passionate about circus in all it’s forms and believes that in such an open field there’s space for everyone to find their niche



Jason Evans

Title of talk: The moon is Welsh and other things I’ve learned by being a bit nosy


Hello! I’m Jason, I’m the crime and court reporter for the South Wales Evening Post, and I’m the one on the right in the picture.
My claim to fame is that I used to be Bonnie Tyler’s sister’s milkman.
Nosy by nature and by profession.
Facebook: EvansTheCrime